October 15, 2010

Opening of Polish Culture on-line

After a brief absence from blogging, I am so pleased to announce that the special feature,
Music of Poland is now available for viewing online!  I have wanted to undertake this project for quite some time and only recently had the impetus for doing so! To make a long story short, I was inspired by the work of one particular Polish musician and it naturally led to an all-out flurry of research and reading about every facet of Polish music! I was enthralled, captivated, and thoroughly delighted to "discover" what Europeans have known for...centuries!  Polish musicians and singers are among the most talented, most original artists the world has ever seen!  From classical to contemporary, past and present, Polish artists have set a high standard for musical excellence. It is a privilege for me to present this feature to you.

In order to avoid any confusion I should mention that this feature of POLISH CULTURE has recently been added to an existing website called Polish Greatness.com. While the original website is a tribute to the Polish Armed Forces of World War II, the feature, Polish Culture is a new, and integral part of this website.  Moreover, since there are two divisions to this website, I have seen fit to create two separate blogs to address vastly different subject matter.

The first special as mentioned will be Polish Music, but eventually I will also update my website with information about Polish Art, Polish Film, and more!

The Music of Poland online provides a vast selection of videos, as well as biographies of the artists, and links to popular radio stations in Poland!  I invite you to visit and leave your comments. I am very interested to know what other North Americans think about Polish Music!

Log onto:  http://polishgreatness.com/polishculture/polishcultureentrance.html

Enjoy the music!